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Job title Department Educational requirements Hands-on background Duty station Number of recruits Detailed Operation
QA Quality department Bachelor degree 2-3 Haimen 1 View details
1. Have a bachelor degree or above and major in medicine, pharmacy, biology, biomedicine, or related fields;
2. Have QA related work experience.
3. Be familiar with GLP\GMP and skilled in using Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and other office software.
4. Be communicative, responsible, conscientious, and practical.
1. Improve the quality management system and the internal department system for the company;
2. Complete quality training and internal inspection as required in the annual plan;
3. Discuss and decide on the measures to improve the results of normal inspections and report abnormalities to the head of the Quality Department;
4. Follow up on normal accidents and track customer complaints to improve customer satisfaction;
5. Inspect outgoing products;
6. Prepare for application and certification and maintain and improve the EHS system;
7. Monitor and manage the company's library;
8. Prepare and manage documents and materials issued by the company to external parties;
9. Prepare materials for customers and external authorities to smoothly review and inspect the company's quality system;
10. Assist in the organization of other quality-related training.
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Maintenance Specialist Animal Center Bachelor degree 2 Haimen 5 View details
1. Have a bachelor degree or above and major in HVAC or related fields (a college degree may be acceptable for outstanding candidates);
2. Be familiar with various HVAC structures, operating principles, application environments, and pipeline operation control modes.
3. Be engaged in mechanical and electrical maintenance or device installation and commissioning in factories or enterprises for at least two years;
4. Be responsible, team-oriented, and enthusiastic about the job.
5. Have strong analytical and judgmental skills and be able to react quickly in an emergency;
6. Be proficient in office and drafting software.
7. Be willing to accept irregular working hours as needed.
1. Ensure the normal supply of utilities (water, electricity, and gas);
2. Check device operations on a daily basis and keep accurate and honest records of the operating parameters;
3. Regularly maintain the devices for relevant projects to ensure stable operation within their normal service life;
4. Troubleshoot device failures in time and gather and share findings with others;
5. Participate and assist in the operation and maintenance of the Production and Breeding Department's supporting facilities to guarantee their normal use;
6. Provide practical suggestions to enhance the operating performance of devices and facilities while saving the costs.
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Lab Technician Testing Center Bachelor degree 0-3 Haimen 1 View details
1. Be proficient in the use and maintenance of all instruments and devices required in experiments.
2. Be proficient in DNA extraction, PCR, electrophoresis, and other operations.
3. Be proficient in genotyping testing.
4. Be proficient in basic molecular biology experiments.
6. Understand and apply basic bioinformatics software to do analysis and statistics.
1. Assist in extraction of rat tail DNA samples for preparation and data summarization.
2. Assist in common PCR assay of rat tail genotype and data summarization.
3. Assist in qPCR assay of rat tail genotype and data summarization.
4. Assist in the completion and verification of experimental data and identification reports.
5. Assist in the regular maintenance and spot check of instruments and devices.
6. Assist in the basic molecular biology experiments required in other projects.
7. Carry out other statistical tasks and handle laboratory public affairs as assigned by the department head and superior.
8. Strictly observe the 5S laboratory management system and keep the laboratory environment clean.
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Lab Technician Testing Center Bachelor degree 0-3 Haimen 2 View details
1. Have a bachelor degree or above and major in microbial detection, molecular biology, bacteriology, mycology, life sciences or related fields;
2. Be well-versed in experimentation, familiar with animal experiments, microscope operations, and Gram staining, and proficient in bacterial and fungal culture assay, ELISA, PCR, and DNA extraction.
3. Have organization and coordination skills and teamwork awareness, workplace stress management ability, occupational literacy, and strict compliance with the company's confidentiality regulations.
4. Have good reading and communication skills in English
Preferable requirements:
1. Be proficient in bacterial and fungal test methods and experienced in related projects in animal testing institutions
2. Be proficient in viral test methods and expert in ELISA assay
3. Excel in execution and comprehension
1. Perform bacteriological testing of mouse samples, complete experimental records, give feedback on the results, and issue reports;
2. Perform viral testing of mouse samples, complete experimental records, give feedback on the results, and issue reports;
3. Perform parasitic testing of mouse samples, complete experimental records, give feedback on the results, and issue reports;
4. Perform sterility testing of mouse materials, complete experimental records, give feedback on the results, and issue reports;
5. Maintain laboratory instruments, disinfect rooms, and optimize experimental processes to improve the testing efficiency.
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Senior SD Preclinical Pharmacology Department Doctor 0-5 Haimen 2 View details
1. Have a solid foundation of academic research, discipline knowledge in antibody drug development, immunology, physiology, disease model, or relevant industry experience, with a Ph.D. degree or above
2. Understand cells, molecules, assays, experimental operation techniques of animals, project operation process, and the way to cooperate with all relevant departments;
3. Have good communication skills, and externally, communicate with customers independently to understand their expectations of the project and their opinions and suggestions during the progress; internally, clarify the key points and difficulties of project operation to the team;
4. Have a strong sense of responsibility and mission, take routine work seriously, observe and summarize details, find problems in time, and propose effective solutions;
1. Cooperate with New Drug R & D Department and Business Department, and communicate with PM or customers on project plans to promote project progress;
2. Be responsible for formulating the research protocols for the preclinical research projects, data analysis, and writing the final reports, etc.;
3. In the process of project implementation, keep good communication with relevant personnels, find and solve problems in time, and ensure the completion of the projects on time, with good quality and quantity;
4. After the completion of the projects, assist the Project Management and Quality Department to settle and check the project documents;
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Lab Technician Preclinical Pharmacology Department College 0-3 Haimen 6 View details
Have a college degree or above and major in pharmacology, biology, zoology, medicine or biotechnology, etc.;
1. Be responsible for the inoculation of tumor cell suspension and tumor tissues or/and the establishment of autoimmune disease model in animal experiments;
2. Be responsible for the measurement of conventional animal weight, tumor growth volume, clinical scoring of models, ear thickness measurement, tissue sampling, myocardial perfusion, as well as the collection and summary of original data, etc.;
3. Be responsible for all drug administration and immunization operations, and recording the operation process truthfully;
4. Be responsible for observing animal conditions during the experimental operation, and timely reporting abnormal conditions;
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