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Gene Editing Service

Gene editing is a technique of making specific changes to the DNA of an organism. This technique is commonly used for gene knockout, knockin, or other modifications. Gene-modified animal models are of great value for gene function studies, new drug development, etc.

Previously, researchers mostly used embryonic stem cell (ESC)-based gene editing to prepare genetically modified mice. They utilized homologous recombination between the targeting vector and the ES cell genome (ESC/HR) for site-directed mutagenesis of target sequences in ES cells. The correctly modified ES cells were injected into mouse blastocysts which were then transplanted into surrogate mothers until the first-generation chimeric mice were produced. However, only mouse embryonic stem cell lines with germline transmission capability are available today, so the technique applies only to gene editing in mice.

CRISPR/Cas9 has become widely used to prepare gene-edited models by virtue of its high efficiency and universality. Based on CRISPR/Cas9 technology, Biocytogen has developed and optimized a more efficient Extreme Genome Editing (EGETM) system. EGE™-mediated homologous recombination is roughly 20 times more efficient than basic CRISPR/Cas9 technology, making it ideal for developing mouse/rat models or cell line models. EGE™ technology significantly reduces the time required to prepare gene-edited animal models and expands the range of animal species that may be modified.

Biocytogen boasts a professional technical team and stringent quality control for the preparation of mouse, rat, and cell line models. The project leader will keep you updated on the project progress on a monthly basis.

What Can Gene Editing Services Offer?

Gene editing services assist researchers in studying the function of genes and to associate them with physiological and pathological phenotypes. Gene editing services are also often used to generate animal models of diseases which can lead to the development of novel therapies. Gene editing is employed to create humanized animal models which are widely used for various diseases, drug screening, organ transplantation, diagnostics, and personalized treatments, most notably in the field of oncology.

Why Biocytogen? – A Global Expert for Gene Editing Services

In the past decade, Biocytogen has grown into a global leader in the field of gene editing and animal model generation services. We can provide a diverse range of animal models for basic science research or drug development. We generate approximately 1500 rat/mouse models every year and ship to our customers worldwide. Biocytogen provides products with premier quality, quick turnaround times, and a 100% service guarantee. For more information about our gene editing and animal generation services, please Contact Us.